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1. Conflict and Development: Peace-building and Post-conflict reconstruction' is the title of a paper submitted by the AfR network members to the International Development Committee in the United Kingdom.

The six page submission lays out in three chapters the contribution of Initiatives of Change - which Agenda for Reconciliation is part of - to Peace-building and Post-conflict reconstruction to that official UK body.
The submission can be accessed with the link here.

2. Agenda for Reconciliation is listed in the directory of KOFF, the Centre for Peacebuilding in Switzerland

3. The Oxford Research Group book quotes stories from Initiatives of Change. War Prevention Works – 50 stories of people resolving conflict, by Dylan Mathews, first published in September 2001, presents ‘short accounts from all over the world of what ordinary people are doing to stop war and killing – armed only with integrity, stamina and courage’. From community level violence to inter state wars and from 1946 to the present day, these easy-to-read true stories highlight the tools and techniques used by ordinary people, non-governmental organisations, church groups and many others to help resolve conflicts around the world. It gives three case-studies drawn from the work of Initiatives of Change/Moral Re-Armament – the only group cited three times. Online table of Contents

See here  the 8 page transcript in pdf.

4. A Case Study by the Collaborative for Development Action, Inc.

Title: From Forgiveness to Reconciliation: Moral Re-Armament and the Agenda for Reconciliation

Author: Donna Isaac , Date: February 2001  

Booklets available:
The Caux Dialogue of concerned Muslims and Non-Muslims
It took place in July 2002, see the 20-page report as a downloadable pdf file. (230 kB)

Breaking the Chain of Hate (pdf file : 350 kB)
Visit to the UK of Lebanese former militiamen 19 - 25 April 2002
Four Lebanese - two Christian and two Muslim who had fought on opposing sides in Lebanon’s civil war - visited Britain at the invitation of Initiatives of Change (UK). This booklet gives a brief account of their programme in Liverpool, Bradford and London, and edited texts of their statements.


Michael Henderson: All her Paths are Peace (Grosvenor 1983)
Basil Entwistle: Japan's Decisive Decade, (Grosvenor 1985)
Religion, the Missing Dimension of Statecraft,
Ed. by Douglas Johnston and Cynthia Sampson, (Oxford University Press 1994)
Michael Henderson: The Forgiveness Factor, (Grosvenor 1996)
Allan Griffith: Conflict and Resolution (New Cherwell Press, Oxford 1998)
Michael Henderson: Forgiveness: breaking the chain of hate
(BookPartners Inc. 1999)

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