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Costs are kept to a minimum. Most AfR full- and part-time workers are unpaid volunteers.
Programmes thus far have attracted some funds from government and corporate sources but principally from individual contributions. As its programme expands, AfR is seeking to broaden its funding to include foundations, governments, international organisations and corporations as well as more individuals.

Agenda for Reconciliation is a programme within the Initiatives of Change / MRA frameworks and therefore benefits, in many countries, from charitable or equivalent status as defined by respective national legislation.

You can have a part!
In supporting this work you will be investing in continuing initiatives of change through Agenda for Reconciliation.
Please send your donation to:

Foundation CAUX - Initiatives of Change
P. 0. Box 4419, CH-6002 Lucerne, Switzerland
Tel. + 41 41 310 1261
Fax + 41 41 3 I I 22 14

Or directly to the Postal Giro:  Postfinance Lucerne 60-12000-4

Or to the bank: CREDIT SUISSE, Lucerne
for Foundation CAUX - Initiatives of Change (with the remark: Agenda for Reconciliation)

Account In CHF no.0228-249270-61-5
Account in Euro no.0228-249270-62-3
Swift code CRESCHZZ60A
IBAN CH17 0052 8024 9270 6200 3

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