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The conflicts in the Horn of Africa are causing massive loss of life, hardship, and instability for the whole region. In the Western world, they occasionally hit the headlines, but otherwise continue largely unnoticed.
For a number of years, individuals and small groups in the region, inspired by MRA-IC, have engaged in a variety of trust-building initiatives. In response to their appeal, AfR has invited a small group of such individuals to Europe for three weeks in May 2000. They have visited seven cities (Paris, Brussels, Berne, Geneva, Stockholm, Bonn and London) to meet with policy-makers and others concerned to assist in initiatives for reconciliation and development in this part of the world.

1) to draw attention to, and increase understanding in Europe of, the prevailing political and conflict situations in the Horn of Africa
2) to outline current trust-building initiatives
3) to offer their insights and convictions on the future of the Horn, as well as further ways to respond to the needs both of their own countries, and the region as a whole.

> > > See here for story written by Michael Smith from London on May 18, 2000 < < <

Members of the Visiting Delegation
Dr Yusuf O Al-Azhari Somalia; former Ambassador to the USA and to West Africa. Since being a political prisoner for 6 years, he has given all his time to rebuild trust between the clans and establish a national government in Somalia.
Amb. Bethuel Kiplagat Kenya; former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He is currently working with the World Council of Churches for reconciliation in Sudan.
Ato Mammo Wudneh Ethiopia; Chairman of the Writer's Association and renowned author, playwright and journalist. He has been working towards a durable peace between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Mr. Fessaha Fre Weri Eritrea; a former businessman and civil servant in the field of export. He became Project Co-ordinator of the Eritrean Relief Association of Canada after he was forced to take asylum there. He is now furthering his studies as well as taking part in peacemaking initiatives.

AfR is seeking funds to cover the cost of this visit, which, including travel, accommodation and co-ordination, amount to £16,000. Contributions are invited. Cheques should be made payable to Agenda for Reconciliation.

Programme Co-Ordinator Fiona Leggat

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