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Why Agenda for Reconciliation?

Most conflicts have stubborn roots in recent or ancient history. Unless the past is addressed, there can be little progress for the millions who live in regions currently passing through crisis. Durable peace depends on genuine processes of healing the past. Reconciliation is only possible where there is trust. When people have been at war or have suffered at the hands of others, building trust takes courage and is often painful. It involves a process of acknowledging past wrongs, and expressions of apology leading, when possible, to explicit acts of both restitution and forgiveness.
This process can only be sustained if those involved are committed to creating just structures, laws and economic conditions. Without trust and a commitment to justice, peace agreements are all too often fragile truces, which lead to greater despair.
Healing the past must become the realpolitik of the twenty-first century.


* Agenda for Reconciliation seeks to create an environment where individuals can find liberation from hatred, greed and indifference. Experience shows that people who have found this spiritual freedom bring a particular dynamism to the process of peacemaking and social change.

* Agenda for Reconciliation supports individuals and groups involved in peacemaking through meetings, exchanges and other links. These enable people to confer and to benefit from the experience and encouragement of others. Drama, videos and publications are also often used.

* Forums arranged by Agenda for Reconciliation promote bridge building at all levels of ruptured societies, from the family to the nation.

* Agenda for Reconciliation welcomes the chance to co-operate with others who have similar objectives

* Agenda for Reconciliation has experienced that healing which starts in individuals and small communities can ripple out far beyond those boundaries.

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