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Caux 2007 Conference Report
A 16 page full colour report of the CAUX 2007 conferences is available as a downloadable PDF file (2MB)

2006 report appears in the from of an article

in the Magazine For a Change.

Please read on by following this link

The 2005 conference report:

24 pages with color photos tell the story of two conference last August.

Please find attached the AfR Report 2005. It includes both the Human Security and the Learning to be Peacemakers conferences. This document was edited and produced by Grant Rissler, supported by others from the AfR team.

The 2005 AfR Report, file size 1'080kB

The 2004 conference report:

It is a 16 page document written by Sandy Hore-Ruthven, assisted by Bryan Hamlin, Vasu Vaitla and covers both the Human Security and the Peace-building initiatives themes covered in the August 2004 events at Caux, Switzerland.
The pictures were taken by Joanna Margueritte, Thomas Bühler and Blair Cummock, who also did the layout.
Please note that the attached document comes as a pdf file of 300kB size

The 2004 AfR Report

The 2003 conference report.

It contains both the Peace-building and Human Security themes with pictures.

File size: 590 kB

Please view / download here

The 2000 conference report:

The report: Witnessing to Hope
13th August - 20th August 2000, Caux, Switzerland
Editor: Bjorn Ole Austad, Photos: John Azzopardi

Chapters :

1. Healing the wounds of history
2. Lebanese renounce violence
3. Politicians' Round Table
4. Korea and Japan, Sri Lanka
5. Religion - source of conflict or compassion
6. Africa
7. Australia
8. Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica

Get your illustrated AfR conference report in .pdf format here:

pages 1-4 (471kB), pages 5-8 (386kB), pages 9-12 (654kB)

Or order your printed copy from one of the AfR Offices (see Addresses)

May 2000: Horn of Africa leaders visiting Europe read more about it here

The 1999 conference report:
Eight pages with photos, edited by John Bond
Get your fully illustrated .pdf copy of the 1999 AfR report here (file size 818 kB)
Read the ordinary online version here

The 1998 conference report:
To read the story written by Mary Lean, please click here

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